The exchange rate of UKBrent

UKBrent is widely known high-grade oil from oil fields in the North Sea. This benchmark serves as a reference price for over 70% of international oil supply. It is, as a rule, referred to as just Brent Crude or London Brent and is a mix of different types of crude oil, including Brent Sweet Light Crude, Oseburg, Ekofisk and Forties. Oil exporters from Europe, Africa and the Middle East often price their oil, compared with Brent Crude prices on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), if they export it to the western countries. Despite the growing popularity of the technologies to provide more environmentally friendly fuels and the progress of the energy industry, UKBrent prices are relatively steady and tend to increase. The price chart is affected by both political factors (the situation in the oil-producing countries) and the demand for the "black gold" as well as its production volume. Contracts for difference on Brent oil are especially appealing for investors and traders due to their high liquidity and price volatility of the financial instrument. The base currency for calculation UKBrent price per barrel is the U.S. dollar. You can also trade UKBrent oil online. The real-time price chart of UKBrent is below.

Avertissement de Risque: Le trading de devises et de CFD comporte un risque élevé de perte du capital.

VenteAchatSentimentChangement journalier
66.72000 66.69000
99.7% ▾
Le coût du pétrole UKBrent (UKBrent) remonte à $66.72000 aujourd'hui. Le cours maximal de UKBrent (UKBrent) pour aujourd'hui a remonté à $67.9700, le cours minimal : $66.8100. Le prix à l'ouverture du marché : $67.69. Le graphique des cotations de l'indice UKBrent (UKBrent) en temps réel est présenté ci-dessous.

Le graphique de prix pour UKBrent en temps réel

Fermeture précédente67.86
Éventail journalier66.8100 - 67.9700
52 semaines49.93 - 86.74
Volume moyenN/A
Swap d'achat-0.94
Taille du contrat10
Swap de vente0.02
Niveau Stop&Limit0
UKBrent67.0167.01-0.85 -1.25%
USCrude59.2859.28-0.70 -1.17%
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